enter site ASPASP is more interested in gaining members than raising significant revenue. Therefore, the cost of joining is maintained at an affordable level. The cost for an individual to join ASPASP is based on the country in which the person lives. This policy reflects the varied cost of living in the Asian South Pacific region.

order no prescription Seroquel ASPASP membership fees are currently under review but the present scale of membership fees in US dollars is contained in Table 1. For example, if you are a student living in Australia, the annual membership fee is US$2. If you are a sport psychologist living in Japan, the annual membership fee is US$10. If you live in India, the annual membership fee is US$1, regardless of whether you are a student or are in a profession.

http://divinecreations.earth/product/mandala-breathe-card/?add-to-cart=516 Once you have identified the fee appropriate to your circumstances, please complete the Application Form and send to membership@aspasp.org

Annual membership fees for ASPASP by country of residency and by student status

Country Category Annual Fee (US$) Student Fee (US$)
Hong Kong A 10 2
Singapore A 10 2
Japan A 10 2
Australia A 10 2
Israel A 10 2
New Zealand A 10 2
Korea A 10 2
Taiwan A 10 2
Macao A 10 2
Malaysia C 3 2
Thailand D 1 1
Philippines D 1 1
India D 1 1
China D 1 1
Vietnam D 1 1
Indonesia D 1 1
Iraq D 1 1
Iran D 1 1