Daegu Park, Daegu Korea

Call for Atsushi Fujita Scholarship Applications

enter site To honor Professor Atsushi Fujita, Founding President of the Association, ASPASP will support two outstanding sport/exercise psychology/motor learning research students from the Asian-South Pacific region to attend the 2018 ASPASP International Congress in Daegu, Korea by providing free conference registration and accommodation.

source site Applicants should submit a 500 word (maximum) statement addressing the selection criteria for the scholarship listed below, and a 300 word (maximum) supporting statement from the research supervisor.

Criteria for Selection

To be eligible a student must:

(a) have been enrolled in a research degree within the ASPASP region at some time within the 12 months preceding the Congress.

(b) submit a presentation to the Congress.

Nominations will be judged against the following criteria:

(a) originality of the research in terms of conceptualization (research question, theory) and operationalization (methods)

(b) conduct of the research in terms of data collection in the light of research demands, including participant recruitment, administration of the procedure, and analysis of the data

(c) publications and presentations related to the research by the student

(d) special considerations related to the context in which the student is studying

Assessment of nominations

​(a) nominations will be considered against the criteria by a panel of experts with substantial research supervision experience

​(b) members of the panel will be invited by ASPASP Managing Council

​(c) decisions made by the panel will be final.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submission of nominations is 27th April 2018. This is a fixed deadline because of the need to inform the students who will be awarded the scholarships in time for them to organize their attendance at the ASPASP Congress. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by 11th May 2018.

Procedure for Submission

Submissions should be made as one electronic document, consisting of the Student’s name, university address and email, and the Supervisor’s name, university address, and email followed by the Student’s submission and the Supervisor’s supporting statement in that order. Send this documentation to the Vice-President (Programs) of ASPASP, Frank Lu, by email at franklu@gmail.com

source link Image credit: Duryu Park, Daegu, South Korea by Chris Anderson. Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) licence.